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AchintyaTech employs best web designers and mobile app developers in its core team and that is why the company leaves no stone unturned to achieve best quality and 100% productivity within a stipulated timeframe.

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Dedicated hiring Service

Fixed price service is one of the most known business agreements prevalent all over the world. This is a business contract where the service provider quotes a fixed and consolidated price for his service and the client needs to pay him the amount after due completion of the said project. Fixed price contract is an irrevocable contract and once the agreement and the rate is fixed and agreed upon, none of the parties can oversee the same.

Fixed prices assignmentmayneed more time, in advance, for service providers to control the price of each item involved in a project. However, the fixed-price items can each be organized faster, but bargaining and thorough analysis of project helps in accurate estimation, which is one of the key factors of determining the final price of the project. A fixed price contract places lowest administrative burden on the contracting client, but subjects the vendor to the optimum risk rising from full accountability for all cost booms.

Dedicated hiring Service

Quality Professionals

At AchintyaTech we offer our clients quality fixed price hiring service; we maintain a team of professionals (web designers and mobile app developers), who can execute plan and idea into appropriate output.

Quality Professionals

Unique Control

These designers and app developers are part of team AchintyaTech and their service will be dedicated to a specific client. AchintyaTech offers its clients unique control and leverage of flexi approach to get things as per specified requirement along with best industry standard.

Unique Control

Cost Saving

AchintyaTech offers their clients fixed price service facility, which is not only a budget saving payment model for bigger projects, it is a hassle free service module for the clients because irrespectiveof time line, the client will get finished project at one go.

Advantage of fixed price service contract

  • The client explains the complete project and completes the submission details,
  • AchintyaTech Team analyses the entire project before deciding working on it,
  • Once the analysis is done the workflow is decided, which includes the work allocation and estimation of requirement of workforce,
  • The company takes complete responsibility of review, feedback collection and testing for app development and website designing before hand over,
  • Once the complete roadmap is created, the company quotes the fixed price: after mutual agreement on deadline the company starts its work.

Why to hire AchintyaTech

  • AchintyaTech offers quality web designing and web development service and quality mobile app development service. In order to offer quality services the company
    • Maintains technology supported infrastructure,
    • Recruits best website developer and mobile app developer,
    • Offers strong R&D support system for offering clients quality completed project,
    • Offers strict time adherence and zero liability of cost escalation.

Wanted to know about fixed price service module of AchintyaTech? We need to hear and understand your project first before offering you a fixed price quote as we believe every project is unique.

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